See an Orthodontist before You Decide on Braces


To receive the best orthodontic care, put yourself in the experienced hands of a Lingual orthodontist. On your first visit, your Lingual orthodontist will assess your teeth, explain your choices and their cost, and tell you the time it will take to get your great smile. orthodontist

Assessment causes no discomfort; so you can just sit back and relax.

While wearing linguals consider your choices.

A Lingual orthodontist gives you the widest choice of treatment options and the best advice on how they suit your needs. Your choice may include invisible Lingual braces, less visible traditional ones and clear plastic aligners.

Plan your payments

Your personal orthodontic needs and preferences determine what is the best care for you. On your first visit, your Lingual orthodontist will tell you what that is and how much it costs. You will also find out about payment plans and other things that can make your new smile affordable.

After choosing your orthodontic care, you see your Lingual orthodontist two or three times to have your linguals made and fitted. While you wear them, you come back once a month or two months until your new smile is complete. On average this takes about two years. orthodontics

Keep seeing your dentist.

Your Lingual Orthodontist will recommend that you see your dentist for check-ups before, during and after wearing
linguals, so your teeth stay in the best of health. Your dentist may also provide cosmetic care to make your new smile even more spectacular. More information on this website

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