Trump Warns North Korea

World News

North Korea received a strong warning from U.S president Donald Trump saying that the military was loaded and locked. In a tweet, Trump said that if North Korea did anything foolish the army was ready to retaliate. Meanwhile, Pyongyang complained that Trump was pushing Korea to nuclear war after calling out that they plan to test their missiles near Guam which is in the jurisdiction of the United States.
This island territory has received on Friday a fact sheet by homeland security with pointers for residents to be ready for any threats. In its instructions, it asked people not to look at any flash as it could damage your eye. In case of blast lie low on the ground and cover yourself up as it could take a few seconds for the explosion to strike you.
Trump later spoke to reporters at his New Jersey golf club and said that he means what he said in his tweet and that North Korea will understand the seriousness of his remark. He also said that any place in the U.S be it Guam or elsewhere if targeted by North Korea will be something that Kim Jong Un will regret. The Pentagon chief meanwhile said that they are ready for the job.

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