Earthquake At Java Kills Three

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Java which is an island in Indonesia and has most of the country’s 250 million population residing was struck by an earthquake of magnitude 6,5 on the Richter scale. It killed three people and destroyed a lot of buildings. TV reports by Indonesian television showed that there was a lot of chaos on the roads as people were stuck in traffic jams. People left their homes in the coastal areas, and they were stricken by panic. Tasikmalaya which is in West Java has reported that buildings were razed down due to the impact of this powerful earthquake.
Out of the three people killed, two were from the city of Pekalongan, and the other was from Yogyakarta.
Though there was no Tsunami, the national disaster management of Indonesia, said that the warning systems for Tsunami got activated which led to many people moving out of coastal areas. According to eyewitnesses, the buildings started shaking for a few seconds, and some of its occupants ran out of them fearing for the worst.
Indonesia is not new to earthquakes as they lost 170000 people to a deadly 9.1 magnitude quake in 2004 along with Tsunami, this spread to areas of coastal Somalia too. Aceh also had another quake attack in 2016 killing 100 people and injuring many, damaging several buildings and left many with homes.

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