Best Classical Music Albums Of 2017


Technology has made it viable for artists to create and release music very quickly with the help of tools. That essentially means anybody who can sing well can take on well-established stars thanks to streaming which acts as a great leveler. It’s a tough job to pick the best, but here’s a list of the pick of classical songs for 2017.

Beach, Chaminade, Howell: This is the 70th album of this these three concertos. The significant orchestrators did not pay any tribute to the 150th birthday of Amy Beach, but Hyperion recorded a unique album to commemorate this occasion. Danny Driver and others deliver an excellent performance.

Bloodroot: This song newly released by Kelly Moran who is a composer and instrumentalist from New York. She has a signature sound which is worth getting acquainted and a style similar to John Cage. She is also influenced a great deal by the idioms and situations.

Berlioz: It is inspired by the love for Harriet Smithson and blew away conventions with its structure, Berlioz drew a lot of inspiration from the world of opera. It is the story of an artist who to relieve the pain of love took opium in excess and instead of dying is hallucinating. This dream brings about a series on their strained relationship. Les Troyens’ Orchestre Philharmonique de Strasbourg gives a beautiful treatment to this recording.

Crazy girl crazy: Barbara Hannigan is a singer and conductor, and she can do both of them well and with ease. The performance sounds better live than on CD as you can see the charged performance in flesh and blood. Barely in her 40’s, she is already a legend as a singer and is slowly achieving the same legendary status as a conductor too.The best song from her should be the Sequenza III which is a solo.

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