Top Chartbusters of 2017


It wasn’t a great year for music lovers this year barring pop music which became the highlight of the year. Below is a list of the top songs in the year 2017.

Lust for life: Lana Del Ray’s fifth album was released on 2017 July 21.This song may feel like a confusing yet a beautiful record. The repeat value of this song is also more, even if the pronunciation of words is not crystal clear.

Mask off: This song has got some mixed reviews from the users. It has excellent mixing, no abrasive drums, and the flute. The beat of this song has the listeners swooning over it, but the verses in this song are not very interesting based on the previous albums that Future has given. Overall, this song will be remembered for a long time.

Feel it still: Not many would have heard of this group until this song came along. It is the first hit they have had in their career and gives them a break to get into the commercial music world. The song is retro but yet funky and has a catchy melody which is inspired by Foster the People.

Despacito: This is by far the best song of the year and is ruling on the numero uno spot. No other song has been able to displace its top position all summer. It has brought to fore the power of crossover music.

Humble: Has a straightforward musical arrangement and manages to use the resources minimally to create a brief and repetitive track. The song is a shade less than 3 minutes long but yet it is powerful, and the flow is steady with the background music being catchy. The pace is steady but yet energetic.

Sign of times: The long though long is still the best solo debut release. The song has a lot of fillers and lyrics are very repetitive. The length of the song can be edited to make it friendly to the radio listeners.

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