Joni Sledge Of The Sister Sledge Group No More



Joni Sledge who is part of the Sister Sledge band which was well known for the album We are Family passed away at the age of 60 on Friday. She was instrumental in forming the group Sister Sledge with her siblings. Her friend cum publicist who went to meet her at her residence in Phoenix, Arizona found that she was no more.
Joni is survived by her sisters Kathy, Debby, and Kim who together called themselves the Sister Sledge group. They found this band in the year 1971, but success neither came easy nor quickly for them as they struggled for it for a long time. The family made a statement saying that they are in a state of shock and are still to come to terms with this loss which was a mother, aunt, niece and a sister.
The group’s story is a story of determination as they struggled to find success. They even considered moving away from music and do something else as the going was tough. But success soon came in the way of their We are family which was written and produced by Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers. The disco song ‘He’s the greatest Dancer’ went on to become the first hit song for this all women group and was listed among the top 10 songs in the year 1979.
A few weeks later they got more success with the song. We are family who went on to become their biggest hit and was a favorite dance song during that period. That song not only brought to the fore sisterly relationship but also become a symbol of feminism. It got nominated for the Grammy, and over 1m copies of this album were sold.

Sister Sledge group split after they did not find any further success, Kathy moved to become a solo singer while the others continued to perform on stage. Their last performance was in October in a concert.

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