Review Of The New Series Of Top Gear


Top gear returns with a new series presented by Rory Reid, Matt LeBlanc and Chris Harris with some mixed reactions from users and critics. While some critics were happy with it, some said it could have been better. It was presented by Chris Evans last series; Radio Times reviewer noted that lack of chemistry between the three was evident while the Telegraph has reviewed calling it a ‘roaring return.’ Tom Eames of Digital Spy’s called the show more fun than the last series.
There was anticipation among the viewers with more than 3 million viewers watching the first episode which was aired on Sunday, and the viewership reached its top during the show climax. Compared to last year the viewership is less as there was an average of 4 .4 million people who saw the opening episode previous series, but there was a drop as the series came to an end.
As per the reviews by Telegraph, the first episode was impressive, but it needs to be seen if they can sustain the same tempo for the next couple of months. Tom Eames was of the opinion that the lead presenters will be the best bet and they worked great together barring the portions which were shot in the studio which looked a little unimpressive.

The Huffington Post stated that there was a lot more chemistry between the presenters who were earlier overshadowed by Chris Evans and LeBlanc is particularly good at his work, and it is a treat to watch him.
Francis Taylor of the Radio times stated that the show looks much better. It is evident that by cutting the cost of employing Chris Evans, the show could afford to look better and it seems like the money is well spent. But Taylor lamented that there was no chemistry between the trio, and it came through on the screen.

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